Month: September 2012

SQL Server Database Project

  1. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Project to add SQL Server 2008 Database Project to the existing solution.
  2. On the Data menu, point to Schema Compare, and then click New Schema Comparison.
  3. In the Source Schema panel, select Database, and then click New Connection to connect to the data source.
  4. In the Target Schema panel, select Project, and then select the Database Project.
  5. Click OK to start Schema Comparison.
  6. After the comparison finishes, a table in the Schema Compare window lists the database objects that were compared.
  7. To update the schema to the target Database Project, click Write Updates button in the Schema Compare toolbar.
  8. You can save the created Schema Comparison for later use.

Learning ASP.NET Web Pages

ASP.NET Web Pages is a framework that you can use to create dynamic web pages. A simple HTML web page is static; its content is determined by the fixed HTML markup that’s in the page. Dynamic pages like those you create with ASP.NET Web Pages let you create the page content on the fly, by using code.

9 Parts Tutorial
  1. Getting Started
  2. Programming Basics
  3. Displaying Data
  4. HTML Form Basics
  5. Entering Database Data by Using Forms
  6. Updating Database Data
  7. Deleting Database Data
  8. Creating a Consistent Layout
  9. Publishing a Site by Using WebMatrix
See Also

Get Started ASP.NET

1. Web Forms
* Familiar control- and event-based programming model
* Controls encapsulate HTML, JS and CSS
* Rich UI controls included – datagrids, charts, AJAX
* Browser differences handled for you
* SharePoint builds on Web Forms

2. MVC
* Feels comfortable for many traditional web developers
* Total control of HTML markup
* Supports Unit Testing, TDD and Agile methodologies
* Encourages more prescriptive applications
* Extremely flexible and extensible

3. Web Pages
* Easy to pick up and learn
* Inline scripting model with Razor and C# or VB.NET
* Simplified model with Top-to-bottom execution
* Full control over your HTML
* Friendly Helper syntax make extending your apps easy