How to Backup My Computer to Synology NAS using CrashPlan

1. In Synology DSM, go to Control Panel > Shared Folder. Create a new shared folder named “public”.

Create New Shared Folder
Create New Shared Folder

2. Go to Control Panel > User. Click User Home, and then check the Enable user home service checkbox.

Enable user home service
Enable user home service

3. Go to Package Center > Settings . Click Package Sources, and then click the Add button to add the “PC Load Letter” package source.

Add Package Source
Add Package Source

4. After adding the package source, stay in Package Center. Click Community, and then install Java SE for Embedded 7.

Package Center
Package Center

5. A warning message will be shown to ask for a package file.

Warning Message
Warning Message

6. Download the Oracle Java SE Embedded file requested in step 5 at

7. Put the downloaded package file into the “public” shared folder.

8. Redo step 4 to install Java SE for Embedded 7 package.

9. After installing Java SE for Embedded 7 package, stay in Package Center. Install CrashPlan. This package is the CrashPlan Headless Client (No GUI) on a Synology DiskStation.

10. The configuration of the NAS’s CrashPlan will be done remotely by a computer installed CrashPlan.

11. Edit file C:\Program Files\CrashPlan\conf\ Add the following line to the end of the file and change {DISKSTATION_IP} to your Synology DiskStation IP address.


12. Open CrashPlan, login with your CrashPlan account. Go to Settings page, you should see your Synology DiskStation name here. Exit CrashPlan.

CrashPlan Settings
CrashPlan Settings

13. The Synology DiskStation is now ready to be used as a computer for backup.

14. Edit file C:\Program Files\CrashPlan\conf\ Remove the line added in step 11.

15. Open CrashPlan. Go to Settings page, this time you should see your computer name here.

16. Select files you would like to backup. Click the Start Backup button to start backup to your Synology DiskStation.

CrashPlan Home
CrashPlan Home

17. Completed!!!


5 thoughts on “How to Backup My Computer to Synology NAS using CrashPlan

  1. Isn’t this a recipe on how to back up the content of your NAS to some other CrashPlan target (eg the cloud)? The title says ‘to my Synology NAS’, which sounds wrong.

  2. I am so frustrated with this…I can’t get it to work.

    In the client software it says waiting for connection but the IP address that is listed with the DISKSTATION is still using the local computer IP even though I changed the IP in the UI… file

    Any help?

  3. Step 12 here is what’s missing from every other article on this topic. Then I got to steps 14 and 15, and things break down. I can ONLY connect to my Synology to see it, I can’t use this to back up my client to my Synology. After step 14, my local crash plan client cannot see the Synology any more. Trying this on my mac, it can get my client to see the crashplan cloud, but following the steps on my Windows system, I can only get to step 11, then never again will my crash plan client work again. So close… Any thing I’m missing here to get past step 14 to connect clients to the synologies?

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