Building your first ASP.NET Core MVC app with Visual Studio

  1. Get Started
    • ASP.NET Core Web Application (.NET Core)
  2. Adding Controller
  3. Adding View
    • Layout Page
      • Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml
      • @RenderBody()
    • Passing Data from the Controller to View
      • ViewData dictionary
  4. Adding Model
    • Scaffolding a controller
      • MVC Controller with views, using Entity Framework
    • Update the database
      • dotnet ef migrations add [migration name]
      • dotnet ef database update
    • Strongly typed models and the @model keyword
  5. Working with SQL Server LocalDB
    • Seed the database
  6. Controller Methods and Views
    • Protect your controller from over-posting
    • Validate AntiForgeryToken
  7. Adding Search
  8. Adding New Field
  9. Adding Validation
    • System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations
  10. Examining the Details and Delete Methods

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