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IIS Windows Authentication with Server Error 401

I tried to setup a website in IIS with Windows Authentication, however, encountered the 401 server error.

Server Error 401
Server Error 401

The following procedure resolved by problem.
1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
2. Select your web site
3. In Features View, double-click Authentication
IIS Features View
IIS Features View

4. On the Authentication page, right-click Windows Authentication, click Providers
5. Move NTLM above Negotiate
Windows Authentication Providers
Windows Authentication Providers

6. Completed!!!

IIS Application Pool Managed Pipeline Modes

In IIS 7 or above, application pools can run in 2 managed pipeline modes. 1) Integrated, 2) Classic.

1. Integrated Mode
+ By default, IIS application pools run in this mode
+ IIS will use the integrated request processing pipeline to process all IIS requests, including ASP.NET requests

2. Classic Mode
+ IIS will process the requests same as if the application running in IIS 6.0
+ IIS will route ASP.NET requests to Aspnet_isapi.dll ISAPI extension